Home Decor eCommerce Retailer

12/18/2020 | < 1 min read

The Client

Leading Polish Home Décor eCommerce Retailer


Despite consistently driving strong website traffic and validating a high-quality user experience through research, this industry leader was still experiencing an above-average rate of shopping cart abandonments. Determined to uncover why so many users weren’t completing purchases and how to combat this problem to recover the significant revenue being left on the table, they sought out YouLead’s help.


After quickly implementing the YouLead software, we immediately began observing the data and user behaviour to identify some gaps in the customer journey that were creating friction along the path to purchase. We then implemented an array of personalized, event-triggered communication scenarios to help rescue baskets among both anonymous and recognized users—prioritizing those who demonstrate a high level of purchase intent.


  • Over €250,000 EUR in revenue recovered in the first month using YouLead
  • €2,532,411 EUR in revenue generated from rescued baskets first year
    • After optimizing the algorithms in our solution in year two, we exceeded year one’s results in just nine months and set a new annual benchmark totaling €3,476,221.

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