We’ve worked with many leading eCommerce businesses to help them improve marketing ROI and increase revenue without resorting to discounting. We automate marketing activities so that you have more customers who place higher value orders and buy more often. We recover abandoned carts and build customer loyalty through personalized encouragement to return to your store. Find out more about how we can help meet your goals below.

  • Improve conversions in the sales funnel
    Convert website visitors into customers thanks to highly personalized, automatic communication.
  • Deliver precise, data-driven product recommendations
    Sell more and increase your margin thanks to our algorithms recommending products tailored to customers.
  • Rapidly grow your newsletter base
    Raise customer loyalty, thanks to the fast development of database marketing through personalized contact data acquisition forms.
  • Increase sales
    Increase your sales using abandoned cart recovery scenarios that amplify engagement through several channels—simultaneously.
  • Drive customer loyalty
    Encourage customers to buy again with hyper-personalized communication scenarios that compel customers to return to your store.
  • Optimize referral traffic Revision of the effectiveness of traffic sources
    Effectively plan campaigns thanks to A/B/X communication tests and sales analysis from various sources of traffic, and confidently create communications scenarios across the right mix of channels.
  • Mitigate abandoned carts
    Increase your sales by leveraging abandoned cart recovery scenarios that combine complementary channels to amplify impact and drive action.
  • Build bigger baskets Increasing the value of carts
    Harness the power of AI to implement scenarios that maximize average order value (AOV).
  • Increase purchase frequency
    Influence customer loyalty and drive frequent, repeat purchases thanks to hyper-personalized messages tailored to each individual visitor.
  • Make real-time messaging a reality
    Augment conversions thanks to personalized product recommendations and commercial offers automatically adjusted in real time.
  • Cross-sell more
    Support cross-selling initiatives to improve profit margins through AI-driven algorithms that automatically recommend complementary products through multiple channels.
  • Up-sell more
    Support up-selling initiatives to capture more wallet share and reduce customer churn thanks to AI-driven algorithms that automatically recommend higher-value products based on clear, historical data insights.

Key eCommerce Scenarios

  • Keep customers through win-back campaigns
    When customers haven’t bought from you in a while, you’re in danger of losing them forever. Automated win-back campaigns help you keep customers coming back for more.
  • Stay in lockstep with customer journeys
    Effective personalization depends on aligning communications to each stage of each customer lifecycle. Automatic segmentation of customers based on their value and level of activity is half the battle. The other half is delivering the right content through the right channel at the right time. We make it easy.
  • Rescue abandoned carts
    75% of ecommerce shopping carts get abandoned. Abandoned cart reminders help bring customers back to your site—automatically.
  • Optimize product presentation
    Ensure the quality of product visuals in campaigns and automations match that of your store to maximize conversion probability.
  • Reward your best customers with discounts
    Your best customers are the people most likely to buy from you again and again. Use repeat purchases, average order value, and total dollars spent to create a segment with special offers.
  • Send your buyers helpful tips
    What if your customers don’t know how to use your product? Use an automated welcome
    series offering tailored help to support adoption and foster loyalty.
  • Mitigate abandoned carts
    Increase your sales by leveraging abandoned cart recovery scenarios that combine complementary channels to amplify impact and drive action.
  • Track order fulfillment automatically
    Manage your order fulfillment behind the scenes. Leverage our CRM feature to create deal records, move shipments between stages, and create tasks

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Real Estate

We’ve worked with many leading real estate businesses to help them learn more about their customers and move more property. Find out more about customer needs. Select those most interested in your investment and react immediately to viewing the offer. Send real-time information to the sales department about customer behavior. Get more Leads for the same ad spend.

  • Segment your customers and leads depending into a simple, transparent workflow
    You have multiple leads and customers who’ve reached out for different reasons and needs. Since customers value personalization, segment them, so the same types of customers receive similar, but relevant, information. For example, it’s OK to have multiple email drip campaigns depending on whether your leads are new subscribers, new service signups, or event signups.
  • Use lead magnets to act as automation triggers
    Automation usually takes place after a lead or customer takes action. This might mean submitting an email address or booking a viewing appointment. Based on the automation you use, think of what kind of trigger will start the process
  • Create sales funnels to support automation purpose and guide leads
    Each of your real estate marketing automation should be designed to move visitors to leads to customers to referrals. With each automation strategy, think about what you want customers to do or get from the experience. For example, if you automate social media posts, the objective might be to increase website traffic. Make sure your posts always include a CTA to encourage followers to click-through to your site.

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We’ve worked with many leading automotive businesses to help optimize the efficiency of their communications and increase sales. We offer a multitude of proven tactics aligned with key business growth strategies, including:

  • Driving more qualified traffic to the client website
  • Combining behavioral monitoring with advanced AI to begin building segmentation profiles for every visitor, such as:
    • Adding these profiles to enrich our master database and strategize for tactical deployment; and
    • Harnessing the power of data insights to unleash relevance and response through hyper-personalized, omnichannel messaging.

For even deeper insights, we can also deploy personalized contact info forms in real-time in exchange for an offer or informational resources to further enrich your database, and add the user to an early-stage nurturing communications cadence that spans multiple channels to maintain a relevant dialogue that optimizes conversions.

Additional solutions for automotive clients include:

  • Lead Generation & Nurturing
    Engaging customers to give them a heads up about a new offering about to launch, invite them for a complementary test drive, or remind them that they’re coming up on a maintenance milestone can go a long way in establishing trust and loyalty. Of course, these targeted communications can be easily identified and deployed by the YouLead platform.
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment:
    We provide a single source of truth consolidating all organizational data to create a transparent, 3600 view of the customer that’ll be the new true new north for all engagement activities. This helps bridge the gap between sales and marketing that creates an artificial ceiling for so many businesses. We deliver a solution that benefits each function’s mission but, more importantly, the collective results. We’ll help you unleash the true bottom-line potential of a unified organization.

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We’ve worked with many automotive businesses to help them improve marketing ROI and increase revenue by creating a profile of customer interests and responding with relevant product messaging, resulting in:

  • More hot leads
  • Better understanding of customer interests
  • Event-triggered sales orchestration
  • Effective cross-and up-selling support
  • A new level of website-attributable conversions
  • Seamless integration with legacy systems
  • Increase Quote Requests
    Increase ROI on your acquisition spend by highlighting your services to the right visitor segments, building trust and streamlining quote processes with data-driven optimization.
  • Recover Abandoned Forms
    Decision-making in financial services often takes multiple visits before conversion. Capture the right data at the right moment to re-engage and recover visitors abandoning the funnel, making it easy for them to complete their journey
  • Increase Lifetime Value
    Cross-sell and up-sell relevant products to increase the value of your customers over time.

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We have worked with many medical businesses to help them treat patients on a 1:1 basis beginning at their first website interaction to enable personalized support. Our platform helps medical providers automatically:

  • Align communications with historical visitor data;
  • Reduce the number of missed visits;
  • Improve return visits and foster patient loyalty; and
  • Take advantage of expert sales support form our dedicated Customer Success Teams
  • Clinical Care Operations
    Manage the care journey of your patients and members more efficiently with the platform's integration with disparate systems for a holistic view of the patient
  • Performance Insights to Guide Investment
    Leverage easy-to-use dashboards, reports, and analytics to know what’s working and what’s not.
  • Personalized Conversations for Superior Results
    Take advantage of a 360-degree view of customers’ unique interests and interactions across communication channels.
  • HIPAA Compliance & Industry Best Practices
    Count on a trusted solution that helps ensure compliance across multiple constituencies—spanning payers, providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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We have worked with many education organizations to help them automatically gather more contacts and more sell training on their websites. Our solutions have a proven track record of helping educators:

  • Generate more hot leads;
  • Build a newsletter database;
  • Retarget past or inactive buyers;
  • Integrate online and offline activities; and
  • Easily implement a software solution that delivers immediate results.
  • Inspire applications and enrollment
    Intelligently target your best prospects and advance them through multiple stages using lead scoring and routing.
  • Deliver personalized content across channels, at scale
    Use a 360-degree view of your audience to orchestrate a phenomenal customer experience.
  • Keep students and alumni engaged
    Automate dynamic campaigns to nurture your audience over time.
  • Lean on expert support
    Count on our experienced education expertise to help you achieve your goals.

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