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12/16/2020 | < 1 min read


The client was operating under the impression that their business and web traffic weren’t large enough to warrant a sales and marketing automation platform, focusing more on the cost of such an investment than the returns the right solution could produce.


After convincing them how YouLead can dramatically enhance the quality of their traffic, regardless of their current volume, they decided to take the plunge and give YouLead a shot. We started by looking at their data and building behavioral profiles, then implementing scenarios targeting their highest value users. It didn’t take long for a dramatic uptick in results that would exponentially dwarf the cost of their investment. In fact, it only took a matter of hours.


  • Revenue generated by YouLead tactics covered the cost of their initial implementation and one-month license and in just 16 hours.
  • Today, we save them an average of 10% in sales per month.

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