Fashion eCommerce Retailer

12/18/2020 | 2 min read

The Client

Stylion is a Poland-based online merchant that operates in a crowded sunglasses market that presents lucrative profit margin opportunities, but fierce competition.


With a large number of competing players in the fashion eCommerce space, every website visit is precious.

Like an oysterman whose livelihood depends on netting the highest volume haul, Stylion needed to create and capture more website visitors. Further, they sought to identify and convert the most valuable opportunities—those priceless pearls that lie within every few thousand oysters—to accelerate sales growth and gain market share.

Some specific pain points that Stylion sought YouLead’s help to address included:

  • Weak database infrastructure
  • Ineffective subscriber demand generation strategies and tactics
  • High percentage of abandoned carts
  • Inability to respond to website visitor behavior in real time with dynamic, 1:1 communication
  • Minimal success cross-selling or up-selling products


YouLead worked closely with Stylion to understand its business and identify gaps within its shopper journey. After gathering this necessary intelligence, YouLead rapidly custom-configured the right software features to meet their unique needs and seamlessly implemented the solution within just a few days.

Some of the key features deployed included:

  • Anonymous website visitor monitoring
  • Product profile tagging, identifying ideal targets for specific key products
  • Contact generation via dynamic, personalized website pop up content and forms
  • Cart abandonment mitigation via dynamic, personalized website exit pop ups and hyper-relevant, timely follow-up emails
  • Product recommendation frames based on purchase and browsing history
  • Automated email campaigns with dynamic, personalized messaging driven by event-based behavioral data triggers, such as:
    • Browsing session length and timing
    • Unpurchased product views, indicating specific levels of interest and/or intent


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